Always in My Hands

(A message from Jesus, received in prayer)

You are very precious to Me. You are one of My beloved children, and I will pick you up and hold you when you fall. I will nurture you and strengthen you through everything you face in life, because I love you.

So come to Me and cast your burdens at My feet. Leave everything else behind. When you come to Me, you need only bring yourself. Come to Me in humility and meekness and know that I will always receive you with open arms and love and encouragement.

Every situation that concerns you is in My hands, because you have placed them there. Leave them there—don’t pick them up again and try to carry them yourself. Trust that I will take care of any burden or situation that you entrust to My care.

Receive My encouragement; take courage and place your hope in Me! My arm is always outstretched to lift you out of any pit of despair, or discouragement and heaviness of heart. Come to Me, My dear one, and abide under the shadow of My wings.

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