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The Godly Influence of Jordan Peterson on Dave Rubin

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Ten minute video clip: Outspoken podcaster Dave Rubin participates in a conversation with Christian thinker Prof John Lennox and Justin Brierley, for Unbelievable’s The Big Conversation interview series. Dave Rubin brings out how touring with Jordan Peterson changed his views on life, and now realizes that "there has to be a bedrock of truth outside of ourselves." He received a lot of hate when he came out and said he is not an athiest. He calls Peterson "the world's most important public philosopher." Wonderful to get John Lennox's input on the subject at the end of the clip.

I look forward to trying Rubin's "off the grid August" habit to reset his brain.

Dave Rubin


  • Frank

    • 2 years ago
    Interesting. Rubin did 110 public discussions with Jordan Peterson while they were on tour for a year, so they spent a lot of time together, and probably spent time together out of the public eye as well. So Jordan Peterson must have been consistent in his public and private message and example--a good example, not saying one thing and doing another or living differently. A good, consistent example is so powerful for a Christian. Who knows how many people are watching and what your effect is.

    And I liked John Lennox's comments about his father's teachings, on how everyone is created in God's image and has value.

    I don't think I could spend a month off the grid! I'll probably have to reset my brain some other way. I just finished proofreading a book titled "Experience Nature Unplugged," which talks about disconnecting from technology and enjoying nature in smaller doses every day or week, and that's probably more realistic for me.

  • MikeB

    • 2 years ago
    Love Dave's transparency and his willingness to share his inner most feelings. I personally want to apply John Lennox's comment and example of his father of "giving every human being dignity and value". If we could live that principle, in this day and age, the world would be a better place.