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The Bruxy Cavey Scandal

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Bruxy Cavey, author of best-selling End of Religion, Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House – one of the largest, fastest growing and most innovative churches in Canada recently resigned due to sexual misconduct ten years ago. Here is a explanatory note about the situation from the Jesus Collective (a Jesus centered movement that Bruxy Cavey and Greg Boyd helped to start a few years ago). Following the note from the Jesus Collective is Bruxy's confession from his blog. (

Personally, I am saddened by the decision of the Meeting House to remove his years on inspired teaching from the online Meeting House teaching archives. A half dozen Mideastern disciples and believers grew up on his teachings over the past decade. He presented Christianity in a way they could digest.

The question begs to be asked: If you remove Bruxy's teachings, why not remove the Psalms and the Proverbs from the Bible, as David, the author of the Psalms had a man murdered so he could continue his adulterous relationship, and his son Solomon, who wrote the Proverbs had his share of scandals.

Please pray for Bruxy, there are a few nasty articles about him. The public loves a scandal!

Jesus Collective Note:

To the Jesus Collective Community,

We shared with you in early December that allegations of sexual misconduct were made against Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House Church – one of our Partner churches. As soon as this information came to the attention of the Overseers Board at The Meeting House, Bruxy was placed on a leave of absence, and the church retained an external independent third-party investigator to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations and to provide the Overseers Board with the findings.

The allegations did not relate to the work of Jesus Collective, and Jesus Collective leadership has not been involved in the investigation in any way.

The Meeting House Overseers board has communicated that the investigator determined that Bruxy had maintained a sexual relationship with the Victim, an adult woman, in violation of The Meeting House policy and the Handbook of Faith and Life of Be in Christ Church of Canada. The investigator also found that what became a sexual relationship between Bruxy and the Victim, which lasted over an extended period of time, constituted an abuse of Bruxy’s power and authority as a member of the clergy and amounted to sexual harassment.

The Overseers asked Bruxy to resign from his role at The Meeting House effective immediately. Bruxy submitted his resignation on March 3, which the Overseers accepted. The BIC Church of Canada has also removed Bruxy’s pastoral credentials.

We feel it is important to relay this update to the Jesus Collective community given the relationships many of us have with Bruxy and The Meeting House, and because it is important as a Jesus-centred community for us to foster and advocate for truth and justice and stand with and for those who have experienced hurt and suffering.

We are deeply disappointed and saddened by this situation. Our hearts break and grieve for the Victim in light of the pain she has experienced, for all people involved, and for the Meeting House church community. We stand firmly against sexual sin and the abuse of power and authority. There can be no tolerance of this behaviour among leaders of churches or spiritual communities, including those associated with Jesus Collective.

It is also important to recognize that this is not an isolated incident in the context of the wider church community. Abuses of power and sexual misconduct are antithetical to Jesus’ way of love and have caused deep hurt for many people. The church should be a place of safety and sanctuary for all. We believe there is an invitation for us to reflect individually and collectively on the health of broader church systems and cultures that exist in our cultural moment.

The church is also called to be a place of healing, hope, reconciliation, and restoration. We pray that this can be true for the Victim, who has shown incredible courage in bringing her story to light. And consistent with Jesus’ way of radical forgiveness and grace, as the Meeting House and BIC Church of Canada also journey through the process of repentance and healing with Bruxy, we want to be supportive of that process as we would be with any leader engaged in our collective.

We’re deeply grateful for the solidarity and support of the Jesus Collective community and encourage all of us to support one another through difficult experiences like these. Jesus Collective leadership is committed to communicating openly and working together to help create an environment of trust, unity, and loving support within our network. Together we serve and are met by a God of perfect love in our pain and confusion.

Moments like this remind and compel us to recommit to our continued important work as a Collective and to our trusted relationships with our Partners and everyone tracking with this movement. Together we can be a community that is learning, practicing, and sharing what it means to keep Jesus at the centre through it all.

We invite you to join us in praying for the Victim, for Bruxy and his family, for all who are impacted by this situation, and for those who have suffered harm within the global church – that they would experience the love and healing power of Jesus in profound and transformative ways. Lord have mercy.


Matt Miles, Jesus Collective

Bruxy's Confession:


Many of you have been made aware of allegations about me. When our church leadership first talked to me about this I confessed. I was asked not to talk about it publicly until an official and external, third-party investigation could be completed, and our overseers could communicate the findings. I have submitted to this process, and now I am released to address the situation openly:

At the core of these allegations there is truth.

Some years ago, I had an extramarital affair. I am ashamed even to write these words, and I am so sorry that you have to read them. This adulterous relationship is my greatest failure, my darkest sin, and I take full responsibility for my actions. I have broken bonds of trust with my wife, family, and church family, including the woman I became involved with. I have brought untold pain, heartache, and confusion into the lives of those I love and who love me.

I am deeply sorry.

I was also irresponsible in my role as a spiritual leader and Christian clergy, which involves dynamics of power and influence and an expectation of exemplary conduct that makes me doubly accountable. I accept this responsibility, with deep regret for my actions.

I wish I had had the courage years ago to divulge what has now become publicly known through the bravery of the woman I was involved with. Although I had repented before God, I kept it a secret from others. I am sorry upon sorry for my cowardice. I realize that repentance without confession is only partial and prevents healing and authentic relationship in the light of truth.

Because I have so grievously failed in my responsibilities as a pastor, our church leadership has asked for my resignation, and I have given it. I am no longer a pastor at The Meeting House. I am forever grateful to The Meeting House and Be In Christ Canada for giving me a spiritual home and a sense of family for more than two decades.

I know this news is particularly unsettling for those of you who are part of The Meeting House, and my heart is broken over the heavy burden I am leaving behind for our congregation and leadership to carry together in the wake of my selfish choices.

The Meeting House is blessed with some of the most wise, gracious, and loving leaders I know. Because we have always placed a high value on shared leadership, I trust that my leaving will not significantly upset the church’s direction and operations. On the contrary, I believe it will make room for other diverse and exceptional leaders, and I will continue to cheer them on as they lead the church forward.

Finally, I want to briefly respond to the many of you who have sent thoughtful messages asking how we are doing as a family and how I am doing personally…

As you can imagine, my sin has caused devastating grief and pain in my family. It will likely take years to experience significant healing. Still, I think my wife and our daughters are amazingly wise, strong, and loving. I am doing the work of facing the damage I have caused. My family is walking this road alongside me, and the healing is beginning with the help of dear friends, psychotherapy, spiritual direction, and the prayers and encouragement of so many of you. Thank you.

As for what’s next in our lives, we just don’t know, and we all appreciate your prayers now as we take a season to consider our next steps.

Lastly, it goes without saying, but I will say it anyway – my failure is not a failure of the presence, power, or teaching of Jesus, but an example of the pain someone like me can cause when I ignore his presence and fail to follow his teaching. I am grateful for your prayers as I recommit to Jesus and hope to personally experience his restoration and renewal.


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  • Frank

    • 1 year ago
    I agree, Jon. I'm also sad that they're removing his teachings because of his moral failures. They're deleting the message just because the messenger is flawed. But all human messengers are flawed, just like David and Solomon were, as you mentioned. The Lord is the only righteous one in the end, and when we start putting people on pedestals, we eventually find they have feet of clay. David committed both adultery and murder, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, Moses killed a man, Jacob was a liar, Samson was a wild man who hung out with prostitutes all the time (and who judged Israel), and Jesus hung out with tax collectors, prostitutes, and adulterous women--while telling the Pharisees that such people would make it into the kingdom of heaven before they did. The whole Bible, from Adam and Eve onward, is the story of the Lord triumphing despite our flaws and failures, and showing us how much we need him because of those failures.
  • Luz

    • 1 year ago
    You can see the enemy at work to destroy places (churches) which have a fruitful , even thriving work. Wherever the Lord is doing great things pouring out His truth and spirit, the enmy is there for sure wirh His destruction, division. So many timed he seems to give the right voice, like he did to Saul, wanting to please the people. But the end of it is just a broken up community of believers, and the ones who permitted this destruction and division -- even those who thought they were doing something ''good'' --- will feel that His presence left them like it happened to Saul