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God has two dwellings; one in heaven, the other in a meek and thankful heart.

Jordan Peterson Teaches Joe Rogan about the Cross

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"Face what you are most afraid of and you will be free!" We overcome the tragedies of our own lives by staring into the abyss of the ultimate tragedy (the Crucifixion) through which we see the light of the Resurrection.

There is a beautiful explanation of the divine, unfathomable, inextinguishable, and infinite love of Jesus starting at around the ten-minute mark and how His love restores us back to paradise. The podcast also gives some insight into the original beauty of the Orthodox faith and brings out some thought provoking points on the Cross and the Crucifixion.


  • Luz

    • 1 year ago
    A powerful part in this interview that Jordan Peterson recites with empathy really touched me deeply about all the pain Jesus went through --- who but Him could have gone through all this, out of love for each one of us?

    ''There is no death more painful than crucifixion. That's why the Romans invented it, to punish political miscreants, it is a slow agonizing death by suffocation and dehydration and exposure, it is extraordinary painful. That sucks, that' s pain, man, PLUS you know it's coming, that is part of the story, PLUS your best friend betrayed you into it, PLUS your people turned against you, PLUS they are led by a tyrant who doubts truth, PLUS your are a victim of the Roman empire, PLUS you are completely innocent, PLUS everybody knows it, PLUS they choose a criminal to be released from this experience instead of you even though they know he is a criminal and they know you are innocent. And you are young, and you have done no wrong and all you have done is help people.''

    To add: the religious system of your time that should have been supporting and protecting you against the Roman empire, has been your enemy number one ... who plotted all this with your best friend even before the Romans could have thought about it...