Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God (Mic. 6:8).
God has two dwellings; one in heaven, the other in a meek and thankful heart.

Jesus Fast ... 5 months with no other input but the Lord and His Word

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A friend of mine sent me the clip about a woman who promotes Jesus fasts. Whether 5 months, 5 weeks, 5 days, 5 hours or even a sincere, focused 5 minutes, it seems we would all benefit from a “Jesus Fast”.

"I’m Katie Souza & I want to tell you the story about my encounter with Jesus. At the time, I had put myself on what we called a “Jesus fast”, meaning, we were fasting from everything but the Lord. We were listening to songs that glorify Jesus, I was reading all the red letter Scriptures, all the Gospels, everything Jesus said. I was reading books about Jesus, I was reading about the prophecies in the OT & the NT that were concerning Jesus. Everything was Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. It was awesome. Five months straight of the Lord."

And she goes on later to say a prayer, which explains a bit more of her Jesus fast: "set their heart aside to pursue Jesus on a whole new level like we did during that 5 months of Jesus fasting. That they would choose to say, I’m going to lay down everything to only pursue the Lord. I’m going to read about Him, sing about Him, worship to Him, listen for Him & wait on Him. Then I ask, Lord, that as they move into seeking Your face & Your presence that You would come to visit them with powerful visitation. And You would come & bring Your messenger angels to bring them messages, to bring them words of promise. Then You would cause those things to fully manifest from that moment on for the rest of their lives until they go to be with You again."

From Prison Walls……. To Breakthrough Miracles

Katie Souza's testimony is a journey of positive transformation in the hands of God.

Katie was a career criminal most of her life, she was convicted of a number of felonies and sent to federal prison to serve almost twelve years. While serving what would be her final prison sentence, Katie encountered God in a way that dramatically changed her life. She immediately became an outspoken advocate for Jesus and her infectious love for him caused many women inside her cell block to accept Him as their Savior.


  • Frank

    • 2 years ago
    We sure do need more time alone with Jesus, loving and seeking Him, I agree. I've been trying (and mostly failing) to be more conscious of the Lord and spiritual things while I work. It's tough, because it's so easy for me to slip into leaning on myself and past experience rather than the Lord. I keep a little quote from Brother Lawrence on my bulletin board nearby to remind myself that I need to look up more: "O my God, since Thou are with me and I must now, in obedience to Thy commands, apply my mind to these outward things, I beseech Thee to grant me the grace to continue in Thy presence; and to this end do Thou prosper me with Thy assistance, receive all my works, and possess all my affections."