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How Data Informs Christian Mission

Thots 2

Another summary from the Lausanne Movement. A 9 part series about how missions can prosper through the use of research and strategic information.


  • Frank

    • 2 years ago
    These are each between 3 and 4 minutes long. I started watching them, and I wasn't too sold on the theme at first. Seemed a bit too academic and detached from real life and missions work. But the third video changed my mind a bit when a speaker said that research is just listening carefully, which enables us to understand the world better. It reminded me of a newsletter from Jacki or a conversation with her over email where she talked about evaluating what the greatest need was for the local people at the moment, and focusing her work on that for the next year or next period. That seems like a very helpful way a missionary on the ground can use research, even if I wouldn't normally think of it that way. Otherwise, it seems like a lot of the emphasis on research is for missionary organizations and administration rather than missionaries on the field, and some groups don't have much in the way of administration. Well, I do remember our old "seven courses" program, where missionaries going to a certain field had to study the language and culture of the people, though I don't recall how effective it was. Mormons have huge training centers for that sort of thing and make their missionaries spend weeks or months in them. After watching the first four videos, I suppose my takeaway would be that good research on the ground level involves listening to the people you're ministering to, looking around and seeing what the needs are and how you can best meet them, and really thinking and praying about your outreach--spirit plus mind, not just one or the other.
  • MikeB

    • 2 years ago
    I enjoyed this series. I feel any person or group of people seriously interested in changing their part of the world through the gospel would benefit from this series. I liked the last segment with the emphasis on understanding and motivating young people as they are the ones who are going to have the biggest long term effect. The young people are going to be the leaders, influencers and decision makers of the future.
    I also agree with the need for the 4 aspects of society to work together; -- a church, a mission agency, government department and multi-national corporation.