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Rushing Towards the Mark of the Beast


News article: Elon Musk says brain chip to begin human trials soon – and plans to get one himself.

Interesting read; seems it won't take long now.

On Quora, headline, question: Is it likely that Elon Musk’s brain chip will be the mark of the beast?

Answered by Yuliy Valenko , Bachelor in Quality of Life & Living Environment, Aeres University of Applied Sciences.

Yes. It is likely.

Apart from all the lame 'answers' you already got, I would like to clarify that your question includes the word 'likely' and thus my answer is simply: yes.

Why? Because when you read the scriptures, it clearly says that nobody will be able to buy or sell without it. Nobody, in the whole world. So, does a system like this accompany the coming implementation of Neuralink? Definitely. Have you seen that every product is labeled with a barcode? It's all part of the same system, and Neuralink will be a bridge between your Digital ID and, literally, everything around you.

Even more than that; it'll be able to regulate your chemical and hormonal levels (emotions) along with scanning your thoughts and monitoring them. Your heart will beat when it tells it to, and stop beating when it wants you dead. It's very simple. You'll all see it enfold, call me a conspiracy nut — but try to read some reporting done by technological advancement groups.

Johnnie Lockett, Philosopher who hates formal philosophy, writes:

So, rather than speculating on how it will be implemented, I would put my efforts towards establishing and strengthening my relationship with the true God NOW—before these days arrive. And if you (Reader) don’t know God but want to, then I would suggest making that your priority. Learn about him. Read the scriptures looking for instruction.

Franz: There are many more interesting perspectives on that page.

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